Hevosten jalkojen hoito

Treatment of horses' feet

Caring for a horse's feet is sometimes difficult. VILLage wool mattresses are a very effective care product. Wool mattresses are suitable for all horses, regardless of the purpose of use.

In the treatment of wounds, wool is the number one product. Wool is antibacterial but breathable at the same time, so wounds can heal.

VILLAge's wool mattresses contain a lot of lanolin, i.e. sheep fat, which takes care of joints and tendons. Veterinarians also recommend the use of sheep's wool in the home treatment of tendon injuries and joint damage. Wool also relieves pain, so it can be used in the acute phase of an injury.

Prevention is also important. After training, it's good to cool your feet and then wrap them in sheep's wool. You can also wrap wet feet. The cold-heat alternation is good for the horse's legs.

You can use sheep's wool on young horses, stallions, geldings, pregnant mares and old horses. Wool can be used to treat injuries, skin or to prevent possible new injuries.

The wool breathes and has an even temperature, without keeping the horse's feet too hot. In the summer, the horse's feet do not sweat with wool mattresses.

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