Information about the product

A unique care product for horses

VILLage™ Leg wraps are made of Finnish sheep's wool. The unbeatable properties of wool, warmth and lanolin will take care of your horse with visible results.
The wool is carded into pads, but is otherwise untreated. Sheep fat, i.e. lanolin, is stored in wool. That is precisely the characteristic of the product.
When you pick up the wraps, you'll see what I'm talking about!

The product treats scratches and wounds quickly. Wool accelerates blood circulation , which prevents stress injuries . It also reduces swelling effectively.
Wrap the wool on the dry leg and completely under the pintle for the whole night, and in the morning the legs will be dry. If you keep the product dry and clean, the properties of the wool will remain good for about a month.
It can also be used, for example, during transport or for recovery after training.

VILLage™ Leg wraps are sold in pairs. The color of the mattresses varies.

If you are interested in larger lots or resale, contact us by email or call!

Using VILLage™ Wool mattresses

The best treatment response is obtained by wrapping the wool mattresses for the whole night. Wrap the wool completely under the pin to keep it dry and clean.

VILLage™ Wool Mattresses are made in a generous size to ensure a long service life and to withstand a small amount of shrinkage. Wool from Suomenlampa felts easily, especially during the first couple of uses. It's worth putting a piece of pintle between the layers when you start wrapping. This way, you can find the layers better when unpacking. The mattress can be gently pulled into shape.

Store the product in a dry place.

Mattresses contain a lot of lanolin, but every time it is used, it is also absorbed by the horse. When used diligently, the product's lifespan is about a month. Of course, the heat effect does not disappear even after this. The product used does not burden nature and is 100% biodegradable.

Finnish sheep

Suomenlammas is Finland's original and most common sheep breed. Sheep are generally healthy and long-lived. They are lively and alert and have a good herd instinct.

Suomenlampa wool is soft, flexible, curly and binds a lot of air, which makes it warm. Finnish sheep's wool is unique and in the category of merino wool.

The most important part of wool is lanolin, wool fat. Finnish sheep's wool is exceptionally greasy. The warmth of wool and lanolin make wool mattresses a caring product. Together, they repair small skin wounds, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. It absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry. Wool from Suomenlampa felts easily.

Ecological, water repellent

Wool is ecological and sustainable. It is a 100% renewable natural product. Wool repels dirt and water. The properties of genuine Finnish sheep's wool also include felting. Villa will land in a few years.

The well-being of the sheep is important

Shearing sheep 1–2 times a year is essential for their well-being. Winding does not hurt, but if it is not done, the sheep will suffer from excessive wool. The colors of Finnish sheep vary from white to black and brown, that's why the color of wool mattresses is brownish gray. One sheep produces about 3 kg of wool.

A solution was found

The wool collected on several lamb fields accumulates until it becomes a problem, it is composted or put in manure. I want to recycle this wonderful Finnish material for further use as horse welfare products. For my part, I want to support the great, original Finnish breed. On my Instagram account, Pojanluoma Finnish sheep Hilma and Vilma regularly have adventures, as well as their many friends.