Introduction of VILLAge


My name is Elina and I live in South Ostrobothnia, Koskenkorva.

I founded VILLAge in the spring of 2021 while on maternity leave.

I have a long horse background and have been using sheep's wool on my own horses for various swellings and contusions for a long time. I know I'm not the only one. Wool has been used and is still used with both trotting and riding horses with good results. For example, it is known to safely and effectively remove fluid and swelling from the horse's legs. Sheep's wool is a quick help to care for the row. In addition to this, it has many other good effects, e.g. due to its antibacterial properties.

I got excited about the idea and decided to make a test batch. I collected feedback and feelings, studied the properties of wool and sheep breeds. I tested the mattresses myself a lot and grew the test group. User experiences, positive feedback and demand were surprising! I ended up using only Finnish sheep's wool and currently all the wool I use comes from South Ostrobothnia. Wool is even a nuisance, because there is currently no reasonable further use for it. Thus, a product was born that is both ecological and suitable for all horses: VILLAge wool wraps. After this, the company was established quite quickly.

Even veterinarians recommend sheep's wool for treating and rehabilitating tendon injuries in horses. So it is a real super product for treating horses' feet.

I thought about the name of VILLAge for a long time, I think my mother finally came up with the end of it. Pronounced as written, the idea is wool from the village. Koskenkorva is the most famous village in Finland.

You can find me on several social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and also TikTok as @village_villapatjat.

Woolish Regards

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