Hilma ja Vilma

Hilma and Vilma

Hilma and Vilma are Finnish sheep, representatives of the domestic native breed, and part of our history and cultural heritage.

Finnish sheep can be black, white or brown. Hilma and Vilma, like other Finnish sheep, are lively, alert and very human-friendly. They seem to have a bit of a twinkle in their eyes

The quality of the wool is top in the world

Suomenlampa's wool is clean and ecological. Wool is a natural material without equal: it is shiny, flexible, soft, and its felting properties are excellent. It does not pollute the environment, and it does not release microplastic. When choosing wool from Finnish sheep, it is always responsible due to its ecological nature. Wool is a renewable natural product that dries up in a few years.

Wool bends into many things

There are many things from Hilma and Vilma's wool. As a filling for pillows and mattresses, it gives wonderful dreams, because it warms and supports the body. Spinning produces fine knitting yarn. As insulation or interior textiles, wool is a safe option because it is non-combustible. In addition, wool is used for stuffing saddles and many different types of clothing. Finnish sheep wool has also been compared to merino wool.

Friends of Hilma and Vilma

Hilma and Vilma live in Ilmajoki, South Ostrobothnia. The rather small sizes of the sheep farms enable individual treatment of the sheep. When the sheep are well taken care of and fed with high-quality food - as is also done at the headwaters of VILLage Villapatjo on Ilmajoki - they and a few hundred of their friends are gathered twice a year. About three kilos of wool can be obtained from one sheep at a time. In Finland, the legislation is strict about the treatment of animals and sufficient harvesting guarantees the well-being of the sheep. Sheep are usually raised for meat and wool is a by-product. It's just a shame that the wool is often not used further, but instead ends up in the forest, manure or even burned. It is great to be further refining this valuable natural product .

Love Finnish!

A sheep and a hand

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