Missio, visio ja arvot

Mission, vision and values

What are VILLAge's mission, vision and values?

I want to offer horse owners an ecological alternative to care for their horses. I want all horse owners to have the opportunity to test VILLage wool mattresses themselves, notice the results and use the wool mattresses with their own horses.

VILLage wool mattresses are marketed and sold through our own online store and numerous retailers in Finland and abroad. With the help of dealers, I ensure that the product is easily available to as many horse owners as possible.

Locality in manufacturing and the use of Finnish sheep's wool in mattresses are things I would not compromise on. As long as raw material supply and production is possible in South Ostrobothnia, the sheep will be shorn and VILLage wool mattresses will be manufactured in South Ostrobothnia.

I want to promote the use of sheep's wool in the care of horses, as well as to display and raise ecology and sustainable development concretely among horse enthusiasts. I also actively try to tell about sheep, Finnish sheep, the breed and other uses of wool on my social media channels.

Naturalness is an important value and I want it to be seen more in the care of our horses.

Sheep's wool has been used for decades in the care of horses, but it was forgotten for a while. Now is the new time to use Mother Nature's proven method. Try it, you won't regret it!

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