Wool is generally considered a cure for many ailments. The power of raw wool was perhaps forgotten for a few decades, but now fortunately we are back to basics again.

Wool has a positive effect on the skin, joints, tendons and muscles. It can also be used to improve blood circulation because it expands the blood vessels.

However, the secret ingredient is sheep fat, more precisely lanolin . Under the influence of heat, lanolin is absorbed into the skin, treating and strengthening it. Swelling in the legs goes down when the wool rubs the skin. The product is great for the prevention and recovery of stress injuries.

Sheep's wool is antiseptic, so it is also great for the stable's first aid cabinet. Wounds heal faster and wool is the best solution for line care. Use during the night or for shorter periods, such as during transportation or after training. Read more instructions on this page . You can find more information about row maintenance here .

Finally, a small quote from Ruskovilla's advertising magazine:

"The inherent technical properties of wool are unbeatable, and when they are combined with carefully thought out details, […] a layer is created that will not leave its user in trouble even in the most challenging conditions" , says Ossi Näkki, CEO of Ruskovilla.

The most invincible of wool's properties is its breathability. The natural material breathes without being too hot or cold. That's why it's an unbeatable material for baby clothes. Ruskovilla hats are known to many who have small children of their own. In the hats, the wool fibers rub the baby's sensitive scalp, accelerating blood circulation. The same applies to VILLage wool mattresses. When you wrap them around the horse's legs, even the slightest movement during the night rubs the tendons and joints, allowing the lanolin to be absorbed into the skin. This is how horses' tendon injuries heal.

Back to the basics. VILLage.

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