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VILLAge finnsheep wraps for horses

VILLAge finnsheep wraps for horses

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Size 40x45 cm

VILLAge™ Wool Wraps
 are made of Finnsheep wool. The unbeatable properties of wool, namely warmth and lanolin, care for your horse with visible results.

The wool has been carded into wraps but is otherwise unprocessed. The original wax from the sheep, lanolin, remains in the wool. And this is the caring property of the product. When you touch the wraps, you will know what I mean!

The product treats mud fever and scratches quickly. Wool accelerates blood circulation, which prevents repetitive strain injuries. It also reduces swelling effectively.

Wrap the wool around a dry leg and cover it completely with a bandage overnight – in the morning the legs will be dry. If you keep the product clean and dry, the properties of wool will remain good for about a month.

Can also be used, for example, during transportation or after training for recovery.

The wraps are sold in pairs. The colour of the wraps varies.

For larger batches or if you are interested in resale, contact us by email or phone!


The best treatment response is obtained by wrapping the wool wraps on the legs for the entire night. Wrap the wool completely under the bandage to keep it dry and clean.

VILLAge™ Wool Wraps are made in a generous size to ensure a long service life and to withstand a small amount of shrinkage. Wool from Finnsheep felts easily, especially during the first couple of uses. It's recommended to use a piece of bandage between the layers when you start wrapping. This way, the layers are easier to separate when unwrapping. The wrap can be gently pulled into shape.

Store the product in a dry place.

The wraps contain a lot of lanolin, but every time it is used, it is also absorbed into the horse. When used frequently, the product's lifespan is about a month. Naturally, the warming effect remains even after this. The used product does not strain the environment and it is 100% biodegradable.

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