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PAWilla grooming wool for dogs

PAWilla grooming wool for dogs

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Size about 20x20 cm

PAWilla™ Wool mattresses are made of Finnish sheep's wool. The unbeatable properties of wool, warmth and lanolin treat your pet with visible results.

The package contains about 20 g of untreated Finnish sheep's wool.

Mattresses are sold in pairs. The color of the mattresses varies.


Use to treat your dog's skin problems and paws. Wrap a piece of PAWilla wool around the area to be treated and secure with an adhesive bandage / ideal bandage.

The best treatment response is achieved with at least 4–6 hours of use.
We recommend using a collar. Dogs are interested in the smell of sheep in the wool, it must not be left unattended.
And this in a customer-friendly and sales-like manner.

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