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PAWilla toy for dogs

PAWilla toy for dogs

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Wool ball toy for dogs. Available in different sizes.

Great toy for indoor play, this ball doesn't make noise when thrown. It also doesn't leave scratches or color on surfaces.

Dogs enjoy playing with soft felted wool balls. Their teeth sink into the ball just right, but no pieces come off. Wool doesn't harm tooth enamel. The ball withstands rough play without breaking.

This toy doesn't release any microplastics or similar, it's made entirely of 100% sheep wool for your dog <3

Dog owners, choose the right size for your dog, not too small. For reference, a tennis ball has a diameter of 6 cm. The photos show the midi size.


Mini, diameter 3-4 cm

Midi, diameter 5-6 cm

Maxi, diameter 7-8 cm

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