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Wooler neck warmer

Wooler neck warmer

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Wooler neck warmerr for horses.

This product pampers your horse.

The neoprene neck protector can be installed under the head collar’s poll strap with velcro. The thermal properties of sheep wool, which sits against the neck, together with lanolin, protect your horse's neck from the wind outside. Neoprene does not get wet easily, so you can use the product even in light rain.

The heat enhances blood circulation. When blood circulation to the muscles improves, relaxation is restored, toxins are removed and the intake of nutrients that revitalize the muscle structure is enhanced. Muscle tension decreases, which reduces pain and enhances tissue healing. The warmth is distributed over a much wider area than the dimensions of the product. 

Using the Wooler neck protector can lead to a more relaxed and mobile musculature in the neck/poll area.

One size: Full. If you want the product with your own measurements, ask for more!

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