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Wooler Pad

Wooler Pad

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Wooler pad is a pad to be placed under the saddle and numnah, the benefit of which is based on the mesh pockets filled with unprocessed sheep wool, characteristic of Wooler products.

The mesh used in the pockets is extremely thin and durable, allowing the lanolin to penetrate and keeping the unprocessed sheep wool in place and in contact with your horse.

The pad is placed directly on the horse's sensitive back, whereby the warming of the muscles caused by movement further enhances the health-promoting and nurturing warmth and oil properties of the sheep wool. The horse's back muscles warm up evenly and are clearly warmer after training than without the Wooler pad.

The surface material of the pad is luxurious, unique, matte artificial leather with beautiful stitching.


  • A thin, unnoticeable pad underneath the saddle and numnah.
  • The pad is placed directly against the horse's sensitive back.


  • A thicker pad that provides shock absorption and lift for the saddle at the same time.
  • The pad is placed directly against the horse's sensitive back.

By using the Wooler pad, you may even be able to give up your current saddle pad.

Raisers are also available for the pad, more information via message!

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