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Wooler long stable boots

Wooler long stable boots

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Wooler's long stable boots are the first Wooler product! These stable boots are really easy to use. Strong velcro helps to attach the shaped boots onto the horse's leg in the best possible position.

You can change the sheep wool inside the stable boot regularly to maintain the best treatment effect. Sheep wool becomes denser when used, so in the future you can define yourself how much wool you need and want to use in the boot.

Using the boots is modern, fast, and easy. Designed for use in the stable, but definitely try it in the trailer as well.

The outer shell of the boots is made of neoprene, which is easy to keep clean and which enhances the utilization of the wool's thermal properties. The pleasant mesh lining inside the boot keeps the wool tidy, allowing the lanolin to work evenly throughout the entire boot’s length.

Wooler stable boots are sold in pairs and include a starting amount of sheep wool inside.

Three sizes available; S, M, and L.

Size S is suitable for ponies. Size M for a smaller horse (e.g. standardbreds and most warmbloods) and size L for a larger horse.


Measurements available, ask for more information.

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